A prerequisite for a legal sale, such as a Windows 10 key, is that the merchant provides certified proof showing where the Windows key came from. Most importantly, the product key must have been properly deactivated prior to sale. Licenses purchased in other countries or continents could, for example, ensure that they are also used in the country of origin and not elsewhere by locating the IP address. Experienced users know how to bypass this geolocation of the IP address, or to provide the right answer, but a residual risk remains. In the worst case, this can result in the license mark as invalid by Microsoft and therefore remotely disabled. This can be especially problematic if your own Windows installation is always connected to other Microsoft services. Conversely, volume license activation keys may not work from the start. Less reputable dealers sell licenses multiple times and often don`t offer the opportunity to complain about an activation key not working. Still others simply stop working overnight, without warning.

Even riskier are offers that contain Windows 10 installation media in the form of a USB stick in addition to the activation key. These keys typically only work with the supplied installation media. So, if you lose it, you no longer have the option to install and activate the purchased license. By the way, the same method is sometimes used to prevent, for example, the installation and activation of a desktop PC with an activation key originally intended for a laptop. And we probably don`t even need to talk about the risk of acquiring software activation keys from dubious foreign websites. Great, always gladly, the key works immediately and after checking that it is even the commercial version 😉 Absolutely legal in Germany Yes and no. Because the trade in used software is basically legal in Europe (unlike, for example, in the United States). If you want to enjoy this high-quality operating system without incurring high expenses, you can buy Windows 10 Pro from Lizenzguru. Since we purchase excess software licenses from wholesalers and distributors, we receive them on excellent terms. As a customer, you also benefit from this buying strategy, as you can get the license for Windows 10 Pro from Lizenzguru at unbeatable prices.

A single license of Windows 10 Professional currently costs 259 euros in Microsoft`s online store, optionally with a bootable USB stick. The so-called system builder versions of the operating system are much cheaper: they are available for about 130 euros. They are intended for the homes of systems that assemble computers themselves and sell them with a license. These can also be purchased by individuals. Unlike previous editions of Windows, a copy of Windows 10 from the system builder does not necessarily include a disk. The software can be downloaded from Microsoft. The Home version is even cheaper, but it is less attractive because updates cannot be delayed. But above all, the prosecutor wants to find the people behind it, who sell Windows 10 keys or Microsoft applications very cheaply.

As a data subject, however, you should always contact a lawyer in case of a subpoena. The sticking point, however, are the main dealers and a court decision from the year 2000. Resellers almost exclusively offer OEM keys, some even advertise them as such. They are allowed to do so because, depending on the decision, software can also be resold second-hand – contrary to Microsoft`s legal advice. The keys come from different sources. On the one hand, they come from companies that use volume licensing. Along with their hardware, they also buy many OEM licenses that are simply not necessary. Another way is via older OEM PCs, which are also equipped with a license in most cases. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can also be upgraded to Windows 10. Companies sell these PCs in abundance every year. Behind closed doors, however, some key dealers have already confirmed to us in 2019 that many of these keys also come from the OEMs themselves. Another variant in question is volume licensing.

Who would have thought that you could not only legally sell Windows, Office, and other Microsoft applications? Even OEM or system manufacturer versions of Windows can be easily resold, as long as they are legal licenses. Unfortunately, there are also many black sheep in the markets. Additional tip: If you`re not sure, Microsoft itself offers the product information service to check if the software is legal. Here, after entering some data, you can quickly see whether you will soon have to expect an unpleasant letter from the prosecutor. Microsoft doesn`t sell Windows 11 directly yet. With its predecessor, however, there is usually a free upgrade for compatible computers. In the US, at least, Microsoft has already started selling Windows 11 Home for $139 and Windows 11 Pro for $199.99 in download. But how to get a Windows 10 license without being on the verge of illegality? The easiest way is to purchase an official license from Microsoft or a reseller. The cheapest way is with a System Builder license, which costs a good 72 euros for Windows 10 Home and from 125 euros for Windows 10 Pro. Another way is to simply use an older Windows 7 or Windows 8 license that is still available on older computers. Alternatively, you can also buy a defective computer used cheaply – the license is acquired.

Given the actual price of a Windows 10 key (from around 145 euros), as Microsoft offers, everyone should have noticed immediately that something may go wrong and the Windows key may be illegal. A full PC upgrade or a new DIY computer: Buying Windows 10 or Windows 11 is one of them for hardware manufacturers. Prices range online from a few euros to three-digit amounts: for an activation key or a license for Windows 10 Home or Pro. Windows 11 cannot yet be purchased directly in this country – at least from Microsoft. In general, you have the choice to buy Windows directly from the manufacturer, from retailers such as Amazon, Saturn or Media Markt or from license stores as well as portals such as Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. What needs to be taken into account? However, one detail emerges from the offers: in all offer descriptions, only the «keys» and «keys» are mentioned. The term «license» is avoided. The highandtech supplier pushes it to the extreme. Ironically, he uses the word «license» in the title. At the very end, after the remarks on the CJEU ruling, which, by the way, were taken up by UsedSoft and marked with «Source: UsedSoft», are the decisive sentences: «We would like to emphasize that you only buy the product key and no license. Legal use of the product key requires that you already have a valid license from Microsoft for the product.

In this case, you can unlock with the product key. Thus, the dealer admits in small print: you buy a worthless key, not the right to use the software. We asked the dealer how a separation of key and license was possible and why the title referred to a license. The answer: «There is a mistake. The title was simply copied from another provider. Not a word about separation. In fact, a key is always linked to a license. If you want to buy used licenses, there is unfortunately no universal trick to recognize legal offers. Common sense can help with selection: Granted, dealers can buy used licenses at low prices and sell them at Microsoft`s unit price – but at prices below $10, the likelihood is low that the business model will be legal.