Hello, let me buy a 500-sheet Indian green paper. Happy to pay extra shipping And there`s no rush A comprehensive review of Australia`s defence policy resulted in a white paper published in December 2000. This follows a discussion paper published in June 2000. This working document was, by its very nature, a so-called Green Paper (and was sometimes referred to as such). Green paper, also known as «legal paper,» is thicker and more harmful to the environment, experts say. The use of such paper also pinch the pockets of litigants; a pack of 500 sheets of green paper costs Rs 310, but a similar A4 sheet costs Rs 200. We deliver paper throughout the UK and sometimes to Ireland and Europe. We can deliver the same day to Greater Manchester and Cheshire if required. Deliveries throughout the UK are available for orders over £30 plus VAT. Free and usually arrives within 2 working days. Very friendly and helpful staff. My order was delivered on time, as indicated.

The product was also of very good quality. Only place to get green books of Indian petals of legal size. But HC`s lawyer, Nikunj Berlia, wrote to the chief justice on January 24, stressing that litigants who used the green paper between January 1 and 20 would suffer. He also questioned the reasoning that there were not the same rules for the original part of the court. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Green Papers are formal consultation documents prepared by the government for discussion inside and outside Parliament, for example when a department is considering introducing new legislation. [4] [5] A Green Paper in Canada, like a White Paper, is an official government document. Green papers tend to be statements not about already established policies, but about proposals that are presented to the whole nation for discussion. They are being developed at the beginning of the political decision-making process, while ministerial proposals are still being formulated. Many white papers in Canada were indeed green papers, while at least one green paper — the one on immigration and population in 1975 — was opened for public debate after the government had already drafted legislation. [3] We also offer a full line of U.S. legal papers in various colors, weights and finishes. Octopus provides a wide selection of documents, including Indian legal documents.

The first notification of this change was given on 20 January. It stipulated that documents to be filed on the Court`s appeal page should not be printed on green paper, but on legal record paper or graphic paper «fit for the legal size» (8.5 inches by 14 inches). The notice also indicated the font and size of the letters, as well as the spacing between letters in computer-printed petitions, appeals or affidavits. The Supreme Court of Calcutta rejected green and went green. All submissions to Calcutta HC included in petitions, affidavits and applications must now be printed on white A4 paper, rather than the previously used green or embossed papers, according to a notice published earlier this week. Our standard Indian paper weighs 80 g/m², but we can also supply it in other grammages. The thinnest amount we provide is 60 g / m², which is only available in white. Other weights we can supply in green are 120g/m² and 160g/m². These thicknesses are only on special order, as it is not a stock line. A green paper is called a green paper because it has historically been printed on green paper.

This should distinguish them from other documents, such as white papers, which are so called because they have historically been published without cover and bound in plain white paper. Green therefore represents consultation, white represents the proposal. Pastel green paper, 8.5″ x 14″, 50 sheets per pack, laser inkjet and photocopier guaranteed. A Green Paper published by the European Commission is a reflection paper designed to stimulate debate and launch a consultation process at European level on a specific issue. A Green Paper usually presents a range of ideas and aims to invite interested individuals or organisations to contribute their views and information. This can be followed by a White Paper, an official set of proposals that serves as a vehicle for their development in legislation. You can purchase the paper via the link below. At checkout, use the Canada/U.S. shipping option.

Search on Amazon. Look for green, Leah-sized paper. (8.5*14). Readily available from multiple sellers. The color that seems to be required for Indian legal documents is a light green color. We provide pastel green paper on which the black print is clearly visible. Dark green papers are available, but can make printing difficult to read. The aim of the 2008 EU Green Paper on Copyright was to stimulate a debate on how best to disseminate knowledge for research, science and online education.

The Green Paper, published on 16 July 2008, aimed to define and launch a consultation on a number of issues related to the role of copyright in the «knowledge economy» (see this document). The EU has requested replies and comments, which must be submitted by 30 November 2008. Requires a green pastel coloured legal Indian court paper. Is it available and can be shipped to the United States. Please indicate where I am going. Indian Legal Paper measures 356 x 216 mm (14 x 8.5″), which is equivalent to American Legal Paper. This paper size can be printed with inkjet or laser printers, provided the paper tray can fit the longer and wider sheet size. If you follow a certain article, «Green Paper» may also refer to the environmental journal of the same name. The Green Paper describes itself as «a fresh news site dedicated to current and well-documented environmental news». [6] Normally, the Green Paper is drafted «internally» by officials and then published. It will be followed by a consultation phase before a White Paper is prepared.

Are you looking for a legal document in Indian format? Octopus provides several weights and many colors, but in India, legal paper can be green. I have legal work to do in India, but I am in the United States. I can`t find a single website, reseller or anyone here locally who will sell me or send me Indian green paper for court and legal documents.