The photo of Flavour`s wife first appeared on the singer`s Instagram page in mid-2014. The duo`s relationship caught public attention when Sandra gave birth to a daughter in late 2014. Nice and excellent article I think this is the best article I`ve ever read about taste. This is not the case for everyone. I remember talking to a church member whose «fiancé» had paid his fiancée`s price but had not done a Trad marriage and a church wedding, and she said she couldn`t sleep with him because they weren`t recognized as husband and wife before God. People define «marriage» as different things. Moreover, a paid dowry does not count as a marriage in the legal sense of the term. Who is Flavour`s wife? The singer has been associated with many women throughout his career, some of whom have dated him and others of which he has been rumored to this day. Here is a brief overview of the singer`s details. Even this Anna sef, I don`t feel sorry for her at all, because she was not under the spell, she was with her common senses and saw that Flavour already has a baby with Sandra. Instead of being wise and crying, she began to imagine that Golibe`s video was real and even listened to the advice that Ify Umeokeke (Jude Okoye`s wife) gave her. «IF YOU WANT HIM TO BE YOURS, GIVE HIM A BABY, GET CLOSER AND CLOSER TO HIM, FILL HIM WITH GIFTS AND MSGS» Mr.

Taste has an American girlfriend, so he moved to Dallas he met her on Instagram they are now together their name is Syreeta Jones Okoli no Secret Go by his side People think, she is a fan she was at his concert in Dallas I think he will marry her if he is not already married to her, she is with him in the house in Dallas The Nigerian singer is currently not married. In late 2015, rumors began circulating about Flavour`s wife`s marriage. It was claimed that he married one of his little mothers in a private ceremony. However, these accusations were quickly dispelled by the singer`s representatives. P.S BN hope you already know that von Brown Ideye and how he left his Ukrainian wife and 2 children? It is a great controversy. Aromas should think and act quickly to bring one of these ladies to the altar, after all, All Flavours is not the first person to face this problem, it happened once tuface, but that does not mean that we should make their movement. Wise. On August 29, 2012, Nigerian Entertainment Today reported that Flavour was involved in a legal dispute with the Ghanaian duo Wutah over the alleged theft of «Kwarikwa».

According to the article, «Kwarikwa» is an exact replica of «Kotosa,» a song by the aforementioned duo. The vocal duo accused Flavour of stealing the rhythm, chorus and tempo of their song. [19] Do you see now? Who loses at the end of the day? «my Bf is the flavor», my husband is the flavor», my this is a super celebrity. See how Una Dirty Nash has been opened everywhere because you want to cut Oshofi on top celebrity. Taste is going to marry Neva her, in fact, he is already hitting a different chic and the 15 minutes of fame that these women had will end there, I don`t understand how everyone is angry with baby moms. Rumor had it that taste is married. What does this have to do with ladies? They didn`t start the rumor. Please leave the ladies alone.

Enough! Taste, do not marry for pity, because marriage is serious and lifelong. Marry whoever your soul desires, no matter when you met them! Flavour Instagram: Flavour N`abania Instagram Handle 2niteflavour. Flavour currently has 4.5 million followers on its Instagram Account Profiles page at the time of writing. Lmao! Maybe he has a Diamond D-! Remember that he sprinkled the taste on them and now they really want to be a woman instead of continuing their lives. Flav & Ehe ke? Record the sermon you want to listen to. Owwwww sees as a taste dey these girls fall hand for the public, first he embarrassed Anna Banner by boycotting the dedication service of his children and now he denies Sandra when sources close to her revealed that they have a traditional engagement ceremony behind closed doors. Honestly, I don`t blame him if only Sandra knew how much people loved and adored her, just from that little Delta soap ad and billboard that she would have known she had better and bigger options because she would now have gathered enough fans to make her a STAR. Instead, she chose to settle for this life of shame and uncertainty about your relationship and put your life in the hands of a ruthless school dropout who would not normally have been able to muster the courage to woo her. Sandra, it`s not too late to retire because this guy looks like it`s not worth fighting for. LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF IS THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL#Quoting Whitney Houston# In Igbo country, if he pays your bride`s price, you are his wife. Contrary to much speculation, Flavour is currently single and has no wife. He is one of the most qualified bachelors in the Nigerian music industry.

On January 10, 2012, Flav appeared on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap with his longtime fiancée Liz.