When deciding where to flee, keep in mind that each state has different standards for obtaining a marriage license. For example, in California, both parties must show up in person and bring valid photo ID to the county clerk`s office to apply for a marriage license. It`s kind of a yes and no answer because, frankly, it depends entirely on so many factors. Some countries are quite simple (as we said before, Iceland is a no-brainer), but most of the time it becomes more difficult and complicated the day you decide to get married legally in another country. Getting married in New Zealand requires very little paperwork – see the full list here – and there are no residency requirements, making it a great option for couples who want to combine a unique trip and attach themselves. Vital weddings and romantic runaways in beautiful, remote locations are just as popular, although the latter requires the help of a planner who can work with it only a week in advance! If you are in New Zealand at least three working days before your wedding, you can apply for a marriage certificate in person. Alternatively, you can apply online between three days and three months in advance. Expect a fee of NZ$240 if you get married in a registry office, NZ$150 if you marry an officiant (without the officiant`s fee!) and NZ$26.50 for the marriage certificate itself. Colorado is also one of the easiest places in the United States due to its accessibility in terms of travel! The Denver airport is a short ride to and from many of Colorado`s most beautiful runaway spots, making it easy for you and your guests (if you bring any). Rocky Mountain National Park is a few hours away, Colorado Springs is an hour and a half away, and many Western Colorado Elopement sites are within a 3-hour drive! No matter where you choose to open in Colorado, you`ll find traveling there easy and painless. There is so much freedom in this possibility, but we also know how overwhelming too many options can be. How to choose the perfect place for Elope? Do you feel inspired by the idea of saying «I want» at 8,000 feet? If you feel at home on the ski slopes or curl up by a fire, the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek could be the definition of your runaway or dream wedding.

But if iconic rock formations and bright blue skies are more your thing, the Garden of the Gods is one of the most vibrant places to get married in the entire state. Finally, if you feel most loved in nature, Estes Park Resort, with its beautiful backdrop of rugged mountains, is exactly what you need. (Not to mention the moose that pass through the city every year!) At Adventure instead, we usually never photograph celebrations with more than 20 guests, but there is no exact number that indicates a runaway from a wedding. New Zealand is a paradise for hikers and adventurers – the landscape is rugged and wild, with mountains, tranquil lakes, icy glaciers and tons of undeveloped landscapes. If you want to hike, hike, zip line, or even take a helicopter over the epic views and legally get married during your escape, this is one of the best places to do it! Getting married legally in New Zealand is relatively easy – and this guide will tell you how. Did you know that I help couples plan their runaways? I am also a photographer and licensed official for the State of Idaho. If you`re looking for a simple and amazing state, definitely give Idaho a Google! If you`re looking for something more challenging than avalanche lake, we`d love to take a couple to Haystack Butte on the Highline Trail! This trail takes you through views that are frankly otherworldly and should be at the top of your list of runaway places to consider! Plus, you`re guaranteed to see mountain goats. And who wouldn`t want something fuzzy, cute and a little intimidating to appear on their wedding day? You are in the final stages of your runaway planning process and it will be exciting! Phase 4 involves filling in the details after establishing the main parts of your plan. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind at this point – that`s why we`ve formatted it as a checklist! We propose to divide the many decisions into small pieces.

You can set due dates on your calendar or keep a continuous to-do list. How can I legally escape? How is it a legal marriage? As an adventure photographer, I know a thing or two about what it takes to get married. For my book, «Elope Your Life,» my publisher and I have compiled the latest information (really some counties we legitimately named) about each state so you don`t get cross-references to outdated information on the internet. We`ve photographed runaways everywhere from Colorado to Namibia, and we`re everywhere you`re determined to say «I want to.» Each of us has extensive travel experience and we always love to see a new part of the world, so don`t hold back when we start narrowing down your location! This really is the perfect time to be honest when we ask, «If you could get married anywhere in the world, where would it be?» When it comes to traveling, it is essential to know if there is a waiting period between applying for a marriage certificate and when you can pick it up. For example, if you decide to flee to New Orleans, plan to go out a day before your legal ceremony, as Louisiana has a 24-hour wait. Oregon has the same legal requirements as Washington State and many other similarities! In fact, I wish No. 4 could have two states because Oregon and Washington are really vying to be one of the easiest places in the United States! That said, your runaway day — the day you take vows, entrust your life to each other, and become partners forever — doesn`t necessarily mean you`re legally married. Running away seems amazing! But how to make Elope? Montana is a big state, but it`s one of the easiest places to visit in the United States, as most airports are located in the western half of the state, conveniently located near some of our favorite places.

Some states require you to have an official on your wedding day if you want to be legally recognized as married. Some places (like Virginia) require you to have a judge, minister, or court-appointed person to serve as your celebrant. Some states even allow you to celebrate yourself (which we love and will talk about in a moment). Are you considering a runaway? Read our tips first! A Montana runaway huddled in a mountain cabin should be at the top of your list, as this park offers you unique privacy, especially if you`re planning with us! We have some insider tips! Admire the beauty of Alaska, combine it with the accessibility and splendor of Colorado, and you`ll arrive at Glacier National Park in Montana. A runaway from Glacier National Park is always a good idea when considering Montana, as this national park is known as the «hiking paradise» and the «crown of the continent.» These are really big compliments, don`t you think?! There are even more reasons to escape to Colorado, in addition to being number one on the list of the easiest places to visit in the United States! Colorado is the number one state for adventurous runaways in the lower 48 states and for so many reasons! The beauty of this state ranges from high alpine meadows to sand dunes to red rock formations, it doesn`t matter! Essentially, if there`s a type of landscape you want to pronounce your vows next to (next to the ocean, of course), Colorado probably has that option! The day before your escape, you should relax, relax and go to bed early. You have an important day ahead of you! Do we want to get married in a place that is easily accessible to the family? Is it difficult to get married legally in another country? It makes sense that a runaway doesn`t look like a traditional marriage (which, to be fair, is a bit of the point), but it often means couples wonder if their adventurous and amazing runaway is actually legal in the eyes of the law. In short, YES, leakage is legal. But it`s not always that easy.

Discover California`s hot spots or travel to other luxury destinations around the world. As blurry as your vision is, it`s a great place to start! At some point at Level 1 or 2, most couples choose to contact us as photographers and elopement guides. We love helping couples turn their «fuzzy» vision into a concrete plan with our in-depth travel knowledge, location suggestions, and planning tools! The reality is that every state and country will have a different rule for officials — but there are a few fun ways to get around that rule while still having the runaway day of your dreams. To choose your seat, first decide on the general area where you want to hold your ceremony (so you can book the trip and accommodation). The exact place where you stand to say your vows can be spontaneous and discovered the same day – or spotted just before! Each state has different requirements for marriage. If you`re fleeing to another state, be sure to research that state`s or county`s requirements for a legal marriage before you run away or your wedding date. Typically, from the date of filing at the courthouse, you have a certain amount of time to get married, you have a required number of witnesses, you have to pay fees and present certain documents, and you have an official who has been ordained to legally perform marriages in the state of your choice.