A Complete Guide to the NBA All-Star Game 2022: Time, Starters, Rules for Streaming and Watching TV The game is played according to normal NBA rules, but there are notable differences from an average game. Since starting stars are chosen by fans, players and the media, players sometimes start the game in atypical positions. For example, in the 2007 game, Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady were selected as the starting goaltenders for the Western Conference. Since both players usually play at the shooting guard position, Bryant started the game as a point guard. Gameplay usually involves players attempting spectacular slam dunks and alley oops, and defensive efforts are usually limited. The end result is usually much higher than a competitive NBA game. Will they choose former teammates in Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving? Will Giannis Antetokounmpo be the first star selected? Who wants Zion Williamson? As the draft gets closer and closer, we just have to wait and see how things develop. It starts on February 19 and, unlike last year, will last all weekend. The first event will be the Rising Stars Challenge in a new format. The next day, there`s Skill Challenge, 3-Point Contest and Dunk Contest. On Sunday, it`s the turn of the highly anticipated All-Star Game. The first three quarters start with 0-0 as the result line, with the score reset after each quarter. Each quarter lasts 12 minutes, and the winner of the first, second and third rounds is the All-Star team that scores the most points.

Team LeBron and Team Durant will face off to win each of the first three quarters of the game. These quarters will last the usual 12 minutes, but will start with a 0-0 result. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the game clock is off and a final goal is set based on the cumulative score of the leading team in the first three quarters. This target score is the total score of the leading team plus 24 points. The National Basketball Association All-Star Game is an exhibition basketball game held annually in February by the National Basketball Association (NBA) that features 24 of the league`s star players. It is the main event of NBA All-Star Weekend, a three-day event that runs from Friday to Sunday. The All-Star Game was first played on March 2, 1951 at Boston Garden. After the season`s All-Stars have already been announced, only the distribution of players from both teams in a live draft is waiting. Both captains, Lakers forward LeBron James (with 1. Pick) for the Western Conference and Brooklyn forward Kevin Durant (KD), who plays for the Eastern Conference, will select their selection from a group of players selected as starters and reserves, regardless of conference affiliation. The first four picks of Durant and James will come from the selected starters from the West and East.

However, Durant will not play due to a left thigh injury. NBA coaches vote for the reserves of their respective conferences, but they cannot select players from their own teams. Each coach selects two guards, three frontcourt players and two wild cards, with each selected player ranked in order of preference in each category. If a player with multiple positions is to be selected, coaches are encouraged to vote for the player at the position that is «most beneficial to the All-Star Team,» regardless of where the player is on the All-Star ballot or what position is on the box scores. [13] If a player is unavailable for the game due to injury, the NBA commissioner will select a replacement for the roster. If the alternate is for a starter selected by fans, the All-Star coach selects the alternate from the starting lineup and is not limited to adding the commissioner to the roster. [14] Participants are currently selected in two ways. The first is by fan vote, with the main vote catchers starting the game at each position; Second, reserves are determined by a vote among the conference head coaches of the respective team. [1] Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.

If a player is injured and unable to participate, the commissioner will select a substitute. The NBA All-Star Game between Team LeBron vs Team Durant will take place tonight, Sunday, February 20, and will once again present the scoring rules that pay tribute to Kobe Bryant since the 2020 edition. On October 3, 2017, the NBA and NBPA announced changes to the game format starting in 2018. Instead of being divided by conference, the main voting leaders for each conference would be the team captains and would organize a draft to be chosen from the rest of the starters and reserves, regardless of the conference. [5] The rule changes introduced by the NBA for the 2020 All-Star Game achieved an intensity that fans hadn`t seen in some time and ended the exposure in exciting ways. So it`s no surprise that the league is maintaining this format for another year. The starting lineup of each team is selected through a combination of votes from fans, players, and media,[1] while head coaches select reserve players,[2] seven players from their respective conferences, so each team has a list of 12 players. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players. If a selected player is unable to participate due to injury, the NBA commissioner will select a replacement. Each organization starts with a contribution of $150,000.

The winning team from the first three quarters will receive $100,000 ($300,000 total) for their organization. The winning team will receive $150,000. The All-Star Game is played according to normal NBA rules, but there are notable differences from an average game. * All-Star Starter ** Will not play due to injury The starting five of each conference consists of three frontcourt players and two guards selected by a combination of votes from fans, players and media. In 2017, the NBA moved from a fan-only vote to a weighted process where the fan vote is 50 percent, with the player and media vote accounting for 25 percent each. [1] [10] Prior to 2013, fans chose two forwards and a center instead of generic players. [11] The NBA began offering All-Star ballots in three languages — English, Spanish, and Chinese — for starting fan voting in 2003. [12] The Kobe Bryant Trophy will be awarded to the player who wins the 2022 All-Star Game MVP award.