Email is the fastest way to get in touch with them. An employer may ask you what symptoms you had to assess whether you might have COVID-19. If you show signs of illness, your employer will likely stay home for 14 days and quarantine you. Applicants who hold a barber license in another state, jurisdiction, or country for 1 in 3 years immediately prior to the date of application may be licensed as a hairdresser if the requirements for admission in the other state, jurisdiction, or country substantially meet Michigan`s requirements. However, a licence may be refused or restricted if the applicant has been disciplined or if disciplinary action is pending in another state, jurisdiction or country. Hairdressers who are currently licensed in another state or jurisdiction can apply for a Michigan license on a reciprocal basis. Click here to download the reciprocal (out-of-state) barber license application. As a plaintiff from another state or jurisdiction, you must refer to Michigan laws and rules. The employee must inform all other employees. It is illegal for a salon employer to reveal the name of an employee who has tested positive. Dorsey told Michigan Capitol Confidential that the time and debt it takes to become a licensed hairdresser has led to more unauthorized people illegally offering the service in their homes. The facts bear this out.

In 2018, there were 83 complaints filed with the state against hairdressers, and most of them involved someone working without a license. ** We no longer accept paper applications for cosmetic licenses. You can apply online at Our online system provides more efficient services for those applying for a cosmetic license. If you are having trouble completing the application process, please contact us at 517-241-0199 for assistance and we can guide you through the process. If you have any further questions, please contact our licensing support team at You need to apply for a Michigan license to work in a Michigan salon, use the link below to download the form. Yes, you need a license to join our association.

We believe that our industry is important and must be protected. We want to strengthen our licensing laws to protect our members and their customers. Yes! You must complete the online cosmetic installation licence application at The app costs $75.00. Yes! You must have a cosmetic or aesthetic license to make up in a salon in the state of Michigan. Currently, MABP is working hard to create a return-to-work plan. Many companies, such as Barbicide, have developed plans to return to work. Michigan doesn`t yet have a specific plan for the salon industry, but the governor has released that general plan. At the moment, we don`t know. The Michigan stay-at-home order has been extended until June 12, 2020.

Currently, our beauty professionals have not been given a specific date for an opening date, although many reports indicate the opening of Phase 5. If nothing changes, we can legally come back on June 13. Legally, PPE must be stored in a sealed and airtight place, just as towels and bedding must be stored in salons. To put these numbers in context, the hours of training to become a hairdresser are several times higher than the number required to become a home builder, auto mechanic or certified emergency medical technician. Yes, if an employee shows up to work sick or with a high temperature, the person responsible for it must send them home. This is not subject to cosmetic rules and regulations. Please contact the Division of Communicable Diseases of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for information on microblading at 517-335-8165 or email The State of Michigan no longer accepts paper applications for cosmetic licenses. Now you need to do it online at

Yes, you can apply on this website: Yes, masks are mandatory to enter the majority of Michigan businesses. Masks are so important for salons because of the proximity to the store. Yes, to reach customers in a salon, you must be licensed in ethology or cosmetics. In the state of Michigan, you can only shampoo in a salon if you attend a beauty school. The state requires the salon to have a written letter from the school you are attending before you can do this service. To perform any type of «permanent» makeup in a salon, the salon must have a body art license. Employers must follow the guidelines established by government officials. In Michigan, the sick employee must be asymptomatic for at least 3 days and at home for at least 7 days since the onset of symptoms. Every living room is different. However, many shows and companies do not allow employees who have traveled out of state to return to work for 14 days. We are working every day to find more and more financial assistance for salons and salon workers.

What we have discovered so far is here on our website: We are with you, overhead is a big challenge. It`s part of our mission, we try to find all the resources we can. We still have a long way to go before we continue as usual, so we are working hard to take the best steps forward! I also think about it every day with my salon and hope to have more answers soon. Yes, but you should always maintain social distancing and limit the number of employees in the lounge or where you want to hold the meeting. Another option would be to use a video conferencing solution like Zoom. You can download the full list of Michigan cosmetology laws, rules, and regulations from at the link below: No, it`s not legal. Licensed cosmetologists, for example, shouldn`t even do their hair at home. You must have a business license. To be more cost-effective, it is recommended to encourage your customers to bring their own masks.

Most likely, when returning to work, everyone will have to wear a mask to be in the building, so business owners should have disposable masks available, just in case a customer doesn`t have one. Massage therapists are eligible for unemployment in the state of Michigan. However, there are no specific grants or loans for massage therapists. We found this petition: COVID-19 Massage Therapist Financial Assistance Barbers were one of the first professions for which the state of Michigan imposed licensing restrictions. The requirements are strict: to get a hairdressing license here, a person must complete 1,800 hours of face-to-face and hands-on training – less than the 2,000 hours required a few years ago. It is one of the most restrictive professional licensing mandates in the country in terms of the number of hours of training required. That`s almost eight times the number required to get a license in New York, to give an example. On 18.11.2019, the Bureau of Professional Licensing published a new requirement regarding the practice of powder diving manicure. As we face even stricter restrictions on our return, safety and sanitation are paramount. According to administrative rules, a glass of powder can only be used by «one» customer. According to new By-law 338.2178 (1) (b), it now states: «The licensee or owner of an establishment or school shall ensure that: Liquids and powders used on a guest are dispensed from a bottle or shaker dispenser.» Licensees must either hand over the jar without the customer`s fingers entering the jar, or let customers dive into separate jars installed for each customer. Remnants of soaking should be discarded.

It is recommended to remove the necessary amount per serving and excess powder taken from the customer`s fingers should be discarded and NOT thrown into the jar to avoid cross-contamination. Keep in mind that anything your customer touches could contaminate the powder if individual fingers were placed directly into the powder. Please do your part to ensure the safety of every guest. Yes, and please like our page to @mibeautypros. Here you can stay up to date with us and our blogs. Feel free to share with all Michigan beauty professionals. Section 12 of Public Act 299 of 1980, as amended, authorizing and regulating Michigan`s cosmetic practice. Many suppliers have an extended turnaround time, but still accept orders.